Some More Tiny Prosthetic Parts Installed Today

Last October I mentioned I’d had a urinary tract infection that took a stout round of antibiotics to kick. My urologist suspected benign prostate hyperplasia, a condition where the prostate is restricting the ureter, and was concerned this put me at risk for future UTIs. It’s also kind of a nuisance because it often makes me wake up multiple times per night to pee. He confirmed it a couple of months ago with a cystoscopy.

This can be treated with a medicine called Flomax (generic Tamsulosin) but that wasn’t too effective for me. An easy way to correct the problem is to install some tiny clips that pull back the prostate. It is a very minimally invasive procedure called Urolift.

This procedure took less than 15 minutes. The clips are actually shot in place with a spring device and self-deploy. There is very little pain during the procedure. For the adventurous, there’s a short video of the procedure here.

So I had that done this morning. There was very little discomfort during the quick procedure and my Doc said it went well, the clips were accurately placed and had achieved a good opening.

So now I go through a couple of weeks of recovery from that. No bicycling or other strenuous exercise for the interim. But that’s ok, I’d built up my fitness pretty well and can use a couple of very easy weeks. There is very little pain, just discomfort like the constant feeling of needing to go. This could clear up in as little as a few days or a couple of weeks.

After that, I’m looking forward to much better sleep at night with minimal interruptions.

6 thoughts on “Some More Tiny Prosthetic Parts Installed Today

  1. I’m on Tamsulosin but it doesn’t seem as effective as it once did. So I’m interested to find out about this procedure, thanks. All I knew about before was the possibility of complete removal of the prostate, which isn’t at all appealing. On the other hand, having a bladder seemingly the size of a thimble is quite restrictive. Good luck, I hope you recover from the surgery soon.


    1. Thanks! Please check out the urolift link. It’s been great so far minimal side effects and already some benefits. Doc says I should see full benefits after 2 weeks, I’ll post an update then


    1. Thanks! I must say this rehab is going better than expected after the possible side effects my doc warned me about. My last two rehabs, from my heart valve replacement and my rotator cuff surgery, were pretty challenging, so maybe I was due for an easy one 🙂


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