Redwood Retreat Road With My Local Group

We did about a 2 1/2 hour ride out and back to the end of Redwood Retreat Road in the hills West of Gilroy. I did an extra half an hour by taking the long way to the start of the ride in southwest Morgan Hill. I took my Sirrus upright and practiced standing pedaling a lot. I’ve mentioned previously that I enjoy doing that, it’s like “running on air“. But on this ride, I did more of it uphill which is more challenging so it was a good workout. We were blessed with another beautiful late fall day.

Regrouping at Chictatic-Adams County Park,
Looking south from our regroup spot, the Gavilan range in the distance.
Quick Stop at the end of Redwood Retreat Road.
Nice contrast between the green fields and the fall colors of the vineyard.
Llamas and Alpacas at a farm on the way back.

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