Three-Hour Ride and a Visit To Aladdin

My Tuesday group ride was mostly in the rural area to the Southeast of Morgan Hill and down towards Gilroy. We did some nice cruising on the flat part before heading into the east foothills. There are some upscale homes with large lots in that area, and one of the owners has a camel named Aladdin. He’s mostly a (very large) pet, although he tries to earn his keep by mowing the grass. He’s quite a handsome fellow, with beautiful eyelashes that could get him a job as a Maybelline model. He’s also quite friendly and partial to carrots, which his owner doesn’t mind us giving to him.

Heading East towards the foothills of the Diablo Range. You can tell I’m riding my recumbent and using my handlebar camera mount because it caught my foot out front pedaling
Heading up Roop road into the neighborhood in the foothills where Aladdin lives.
The Star of the show
He takes the carrots very gently with his lips
A couple of cows live with Aladdin. They are an Ethiopan breed with very thick horns. They usually come to the fence to but weren’t interested in carrots.
Some of the other scenery in this rural neighborhood
On my way home after lunch on the Little Llagas creek bike path in Morgan Hill

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