Some Pleasant Urban Riding

Ducks, Geese, and Terns at Community Park. There’s a nice dirt path that circumnavigates the park, and there’s a dog exercising area to the left of the picture. I like to see the doggies having fun off-leash.

Little Llagas Creek runs through Southwest Morgan Hill. More than 20 years ago a development went in and a drainage area was left natural that the creek flows through. There is a nice paved walking and biking path on either side. Whenever funds are available, the city works on extending this path, so now it’s gotten to be a few miles long, a pleasant alternative to on-street riding.

The Older drainage easement left natural, with paths on either side. As you can tell, the creek is currently dry.
Another section on the way back from Watsonville road, with El Toro in the background.

This was a relaxing 90 minute ride on “easy day” on my recumbent.

2 thoughts on “Some Pleasant Urban Riding

    1. Elevation 1100 and yes there’s a nice trail. It’s a short hike but going up the shoulder on the left side is steep and fun. Nice 360 view from the top. Currently not legal to hike, but lots of people “pirate it”. The city is trying to get easements from the ranchowners by offering them indemnity, then it will be legal. Sometime the historical society arranges a once a year hike with permission from the landowners, that’s when I was able to do it.


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