Long Recumbent Ride to Hellyer Park and Back

Today was my longest ride to date on the recumbent, about 3 hours. I rode out to Hellyer Park and back on the Coyote Creek Trail. On a flat route like this it is even faster than my upright. It is nice to be able to go this far and more in perfect comfort. I can do 3 hours plus on my upright if I throw in some “butt sparing” standing breaks, but it gets uncomfortable towards the end.

Objective was to keep avg. heart rate a bit below 120 which is an “aerobic” pace for me. Mission accomplished
I circumnavigated Cottonwood Lake at Hellyer. The Canadian geese were quite indignant when I came through.

This was just under 38 miles. At this pace a century ride would take about 7 hours, which is perfectly reasonable. Now to pick out a relatively flat century in this area to train for. The “I Care Classic”, put on by local Lion’s clubs for charity, is a good choice next May. I’ll plan on that, but would also like to do one sooner so I signed up for the SAC Century challenge in Sacramento on Oct. 2. Now that I’ve got a challenge to point towards, it’s time to start ramping up my mileage!

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