Nice Little Off-road Ride in Town, Soon To Disappear

There is an off-road route on the West side of Morgan Hill that I enjoy. It serves as a shortcut, and I’ve always wondered why there was this undeveloped corridor in a pretty prime real estate area. I just found out why. It turns our the land was set aside for the “Hale Avenue Extension“. The city had planned this for quite some time but only now got the funding.

It makes sense, traffic-wise. Hale Ave. is a major road coming down from the North that people use as a back way to commute. But it ends at Main, in a T-intersection, which makes people trying to get to the southwest end of town clog up other local streets, including downtown. The extenstion will help with that. But I’ll still miss my little off-road route. Hopefully, due to our complete streets policy, it will have good bike lanes, as does the existing part of Hale Ave.

Near the Northern end of the corridor at Main Ave.
Near the Southern end at DeWitt Ave.

2 thoughts on “Nice Little Off-road Ride in Town, Soon To Disappear

  1. All major street builds and repaired in MA now have complete streets engineering. Bike lanes or Shares even sidewalks converted to bike paths. Bout time. Your place seems like the same is happening.

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  2. That is good news about MA. Bout time indeed. Here it’s still city by city. San Jose and Morgan Hill are both proactive about it. CA passed a bill calling for complete streets on all state highway (caltrans) projects but the governor vetoed it. One valid concern is we have a lot of pretty squirrely roads in the mountains with retaining walls or cliffs. It would be really hard to squeeze bike lanes. But I don’t know why they couldn’t have made those an exception and passed it for everything else.


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