A Short Ride to San Pedro Percolation Ponds

Friday was an easy day, I rode for about an hour. I visited the water district perc ponds near San Pedro street on the southern edge of town. The cities in Santa Clara county all use groundwater for their water supply, and the water district recharges the groundwater using various percolation ponds throughout the county, with a small facility here in Morgan Hill. These double as recreation areas, ours has a nice walking path which is especially popular with dog walkers.

The ponds are empty now because the groundwater table is in good shape. Next I passed Morgan Hill Cellars (formerly Pedrizetti, establish 1913) on San Pedro:

Entrance and Tasting Room
The Works

On the way back I rode through a neighborhood with a nice park.

When I got home I noticed the Magnolia out front our house is starting to bloom:

Tomorrow will be a harder day, both resistance training and a brisker bike ride. I’ll try to avoid overdoing like I did the other day. My strained piriformis muscle has been much better so I don’t want to aggravate it again.

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