Clean Bill of Health on Hips 8+ Years Later

My orthopedic doc in Morgan Hill, Dr. Wong, wanted an update x-ray of my hips since I was complaining of hip pain. He was pretty sure it was piriformis syndrome but wanted to rule out problems with my hip implants. A couple of days ago I did my follow-up visit with him and everything looks fine. I asked what he looked for and he said a tight joint with the bone inside the femur, and no sign of erosion of the bone. Also the area around the socket looks fine. My last follow-up with my surgeon, Dr. Abidi, was in 2014, and these shots look very similar to what I remember from then. This also ended up being a second opinion from Dr. Wong. He seemed to like Dr. Abidi’s handiwork. These are Biomet implants,, the socket is cobalt-chrome, the insert and “ball” titanium, and the lining between the two is ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. The lining is very low friction and wear-resistant so should last a long time. It is possible it will wear out eventually and need to be replaced by revision surgery. But that is much less involved than the original replacement procedure.

So far so good! I am really thankful for this outcome which allows me to stay active. I went for a nice long walk then a bike ride to celebrate.

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