Interesting Site for Athletic Clothing and Accessories

I get a lot of marketing inquiries from websites about their products or services. I ignore them unless I think they offer something relevant to my target readers: information or inspiration about healthy aging. But I thought athletic clothing and accessories would be relevant to my readers so I took a look at They are an interesting company, kind of like a buyer’s club or co-op. They buy directly from the same factories that make name brands and sell them to their customers at cost. They make their money on membership fees, which are currently (US) $120/year. If you buy several products per year, that will more than make up for the membership cost because the savings compared to name brands are substantial.

They sent me a yoga mat to examine and right a review of. It is good quality 5 mm thick neoprene:

This is nicer padding than the typical yoga mat, and I found it to be comfortable. No sign of slipping, even while wearing socks, doing :down-dog”. And the non-slip bottom surface works well on bare floors. This costs $35 on Comparable mats from Lululemon – are $78 and from Alo Yoga $100.

The only downside I saw was that there is no manufacturers logo, the mat came packed in a nondescript manner in a box. That was fine with me, but might bother some people if you like name brand logos.

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