Holiday Lake Estates On a Nice Fall Day

It’s finally starting to feel like fall. Until about a week ago we were still getting temperatures into the 90s. I couldn’t figure out how the trees were changing, maybe it was because it was getting cool overnight. Now it has cooled off nicely during the day too. This is pretty typical in Norcal, we get fall late but it lasts into December.

Yesterday I went for a pleasant ride to the top of East Dunne Avenue. There are some nice older developments like Jackson Oaks and Holiday Lake Estates. The latter is named because of the good views of Lake Anderson. It has a nice country feel up there but is not far from downtown. I cruised through Holiday lake estates to the end where it runs into Anderson county park and the trails above the dam. This is the back way to those trails for me. Soon it will be the only option for several years when they start the project to rebuild the dam.

This is a typical view from up there. Lake Anderson is down in the valley below:

The entrance to Anderson park is just around the bend. You can see some of the trails off to the left:

I did my on-bike strength training before I climbed up to the top of East Dunne. On the way back I did my intervals. A great workout on a beautiful day.

One thought on “Holiday Lake Estates On a Nice Fall Day

  1. The change in leaf color is due to less daylight and cooler temperatures. Changes in these weather conditions play a role in how early the leaves change and how long they keep their Fall (not green) colors.

    We’re getting Fall colors here because the days are shorter and its (finally) getting cooler. But what we really need is some rain! Maybe next week they say. Ah, once again the rain check is in the mail… 😉


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