Watching the Fog Burn Off

The big bank of fog in the marine layer off the northern California coast is part of our natural cooling system. When it gets hot in the summer, we get cooling breezes coming inland, or even more effectively, the fog comes inland. That starting happening again this week after the heat spell last week. It can sometimes take it till late morning to burn off, but it is more than welcome compared to the alternative of triple-digit Fahrenheit. This morning I went for a ride on quiet rural roads south of Morgan Hill. It was overcast due to the fog much of the time, as you can see from this view of Lake Anderson near Holiday Lake estates, just the other side of the hills east of Morgan Hill:

Further south on my way back I caught this glimpse of El Toro and Loma Prieta peaking out as the fog was lifting to the west:

When I got home after my two hour ride the fog was breaking up completely, just in time for a nice sunny lunch.

We are grateful to Mother Nature for providing us with this mechanism to keep us cool!

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