You Shouldn’t Be Walking!

I had a funny incident today on my walk. My achilles, which I strained back on May 8 in the same hiking fall that tore my rotator cuff, is finally feeling good, so I went for an hour today. This is me setting out. A few minutes into my walk I passed a young woman on the sidewalk. “Are you ok?” She said. I assured her I was fine. “You don’t look too good”. “Really?”. She looked me up and down. “You shouldn’t be walking! Maybe you should wait until you get stronger and have had time to heal.” I thanked her for her concern and continued on my walk, chuckling to myself. I felt great, actually, and for the life of me could not figure out why she felt otherwise. I figure between the achilles maybe being still a little stiff, and pushing with the pole on one side only, my gait might be a little uneven. Admittedly the white socks and sandals is a goofy look. I’ll wear regular walking shoes next time.

When I got home I asked Karen to watch me walking towards her and she said I looked fine. I said maybe you’re just used to it. πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “You Shouldn’t Be Walking!

  1. Sorry, but this made me laugh. Only because I can relate. After six weeks in a cast, my calf and Achilles are super tight. I’m hobbling around with my crutches and I get some funny looks. But nobody has told me I shouldn’t be walking… yet.

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