Guest Post- Irohein Is On A Mission

Hello. My name is Eric Hein, and I want to give a huge thanks to BionicOldGuy for allowing me to share my story with you guys. This is a story about how I went from being unhappy with my life and struggling to fight my genetic disorder, to living a happy, healthy, and successful life motivating people to keep on fighting their genetic disorder, no matter how tough things may be, because believe me, it gets better.

I have always been an active child when I was younger. I would play sports and my parents always made sure I would live a happy, healthy life. One day, something changed, I was suddenly always getting these chest pains. The chest pains were so severe that my parents have taken me to the emergency room twice. My parents were worried sick about me. I was homeschooled during this time, because of severe bullying in the past, but I couldn’t even do schoolwork because of the frequent chest pains, making me skip most of eighth grade.

About a year of frequent doctor visits and alarming chest pains, we finally got an answer. I had a genetic disorder where I had an overload of iron in my blood, known as hemochromatosis. It shocked my parents and I. We learned that day what exactly a genetic disorder was. The doctors said I would have to limit my iron count and draw blood out of my system monthly. When I looked at the list of things I couldn’t eat, I was quite angered at first. I couldn’t have foods such as red meat, so no more pepperoni pizza or burgers at all, but I then I decided to change my ways and live a healthy life to help prevent the chest pains. I went to the gym and lived a healthy life.

Ever since then, I’ve been rejecting junk food, and working out at least three times a week. I am proud to say I don’t miss junk food at all. I also noticed many benefits to this new lifestyle. I was never tired, I was getting better grades in school, and I was always positive.

Something felt missing though, I felt like I could do much more than what I was doing, so I made it my goal to motivate the world so they never feel alone or sad anymore. I knew that I was talented in the digital arts, so I created a t-shirt company with the goal of selling motivational t-shirts to help motivate people to live a healthier life. If you learn anything from this story, learn that you are capable of doing much more than you think you can do. Thanks for listening to my story! Check out the website here – if you are interested to see how you can help make the world a better place by wearing these shirts. Again, huge thanks to BionicOldGuy for allowing me to share my story, and thank you reader for taking the time to listen to my story.

– Eric Hein

2 thoughts on “Guest Post- Irohein Is On A Mission

  1. You’re a winner, Eric! Your positive attitude and the healthy goals you set for yourself will be a shining light to others. Great to see an uplifting and motivational true-story. Best of blessings for your future! 🙂 I’ll be checking out your website… Peace.


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