Matt Cable’s Leukemia Comeback Story From “The Titan Games”

I’ve always been a big fan of “American Ninja Warrior” and, starting this year, of a similar show “The Titan Games”. What I like the most is the inspiring background stories of the competitors. On a recent Titan Games episode, one of the competitors was Matt Cable, who had an amazing comeback story.

He was an extremely fit staff sergeant in the US Air Force national guard when he came down with leukemia. He underwent a harrowing ordeal during his chemotherapy, including a side effect of organ failure leaving him in the ICU for 18 days (for five of those he was in a medically induced coma). His body prevailed over the disease in the end, and he is now in remission. But during the treatment he lost 50 pounds of muscle mass!

When he started his fitness comeback after the treatment,  Matt had difficulty benchpressing 45 lbs. With a lot of had work he got back in shape and regained his muscle and strength. He can now bench 400 and deadlift over 600! He then competed in the Warrior Games, a multi-sport event for wounded, injured or ill service personnel and veterans organized by the United States Department of Defense, and recently in the Titan games. He also hopes to qualify for CrossFit Worlds [1].

In Matt’s words:

“My next chapter in my life was getting better and chasing my goals and dreams that I had in my life. After you almost died once, your ‘second life,’ if you want to call it that, you don’t want to waste it. I’ve definitely changed in that mindset.”

“Never give up. Every morning you wake up, just show up….Continue to fight and battle each day.” [1]

He hopes to inspire others to never give up. Well you’ve sure inspired me, Matt!


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